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BBC iWonder - What's making me eat too much?

The article, made in conjunction  with Professor Jeff Brunstrom and the team at the University of Bristol, explores how decisions on how much we eat are governed by many subtle  influences.

Check out the BBC iWonder article:  What's making me eat too much

Try the questions - you may be surprised by your answers!

BBC iWonder

Drawing Links between Happiness, Health, and Self-regulation

An interdisciplinary workshop which will take place at the Department of Economics, University of Zurich


9th December 2016 9.45-18.40


How, in the modern world, can our countries’ citizens become healthier and more successful? This symposium is centered around the topics of self-regulation, happiness, healthy behaviors and their potential interactions. It will bring together an interdisciplinary group of distinguished scientists with backgrounds in biology, economics, neuroscience, psychology, and food science.

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A highly recommended paper in the field of Nudge theory and dietary behaviour


A recent paper by A Arno and S Thomas of the Centre for Global Health, Trinity College, Dublin, has been recommended by Professor Cass Sunstein ( Harvard) and Nudge-it behavioural economist Prof Lucia Reisch

The paper analyses and reviews nudging strategies and results to determine their efficacy in changing dietary behaviours. It was found that nudges resulted in an average 15.3 % increase in healthier dietary or nutritional choices, as measured by a change in frequency of healthy choices or a change in overall caloric consumption.  The analysis demonstrates that Nudging holds promise as a public health strategy to combat obesity

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Recent reports of interest

 "Fit for the future"  - helping consumers eat more fruit and vegetables - a report from the National Farmers Union.  

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Report of the commission "Ending Childhood Obesity" - the World Health Organisation.  

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